We benefit from supportive, kind and generous grooms who have such focus on making sure the horses are happy and thriving. You are only as good as the team around you, and our good relationship is essential when we work so closely together. We pride ourselves on the detailed, individual, loving care each horse receives.

JAMIE GODDARD – FarrierJamie Goddard

Jamie began shoeing for me in 2011, and suffice to say does a superb job. Jamie is married to event rider Hannah Mace and was also an Official Farrier for the London Olympics. I am grateful to have such professional support from him.

Tom CampbellTOM CAMPBELL – Vet

Tom, from the local Bourton Vale Equine Clinic, has been my vet since I started riding. He vetted Hennessy in 2005 and has been a fantastic support ever since. I feel privileged to be able to benefit from his constant expertise.

MAGGIE TURNER- Equine Physio

Maggie provides regular assessments and evaluations of the horses; feedback is critical for improving and understanding the horses’ performance. It is important that the horses arrive at competitions feeling supple, comfortable and able to perform at their peak.


I am extremely grateful to my landlords Mr and Mrs Alberto who allow us to call the beautiful Ampney Knowle estate our home.

Lee Vallis is the Farm Manager and performs constant maintenance tasks that keep the yard looking smart and professional. This includes all repairs, emptying the muck trailer and harrowing / rolling the schools and fields.


I will forever be indebted to my family and friends for their support, from lead rein and Pony Club days through to now. They provide picnics, help with the grooming and perform all the tasks too laborious to mention. Their advice and support is invaluable and I try to listen to it as much as any son can tolerate!


DAN GREENWOOD – Dressage trainier

Dan has been a close friend and support for a number of years. We share a further interest as Jo Handman, who owns several horse with us, also owns Dan’s top horse Luken Von Tespe.

PAMMY HUTTON – dressage

Ampney Knowle Farm is opposite Talland, so we are honoured to be able to call Pammy our neighbour. Kind, supportive and terrifying, both she and daughter Pippa have helped enormously. Pammy has an enormous array of exercises and techniques and her ability to help with the flying changes is legendary.


Rowland has taught me since 2011.  He has fantastic and technical courses set up in his school, which combined with his eye on the floor make for the perfect fine-tuning before an event. There are often occasions too when jumping is not allowed until the canter has improved! Rowland has also made me much more aware of riding correct lines and ringcraft.

OWEN MOORE – Jumping

Owen has taught me since 2010, and I regularly travel to Lyneham Heath Equestrian to have lessons from him. He is a remarkable horseman and his observations on a horse always so fair, accurate and correct. He is also a grid-work master!


Details about my wonderful group of owners can be found on the Horses page.

Debbie Scott-Skinner checking over Zepilot before his winning test at Bicton, April 2013. Debbie has been a loyal owner for 4 years

Debbie Scott-Skinner checking over Zepilot before his winning test at Bicton, April 2013.

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