Samantha Alberto

“I first met Tom when he was working for Nigel Taylor back in early 2010; I had a tricky mare that I needed some extra help with. A one week stay turned into six and she jumped double clear at her first event with Tom. Since then we have stayed in touch and I have been so impressed watching him make his way on his own.

He has an empathy and understanding of all his horses way beyond his years, and they receive the best care possible. Tom’s attention to detail is second to none – you can be confident the horses get everything they need as individuals. It is very comforting to know that if you have a certain routine that works best for your horse, Tom always does his best to endeavour this continues.

Tom is very approachable and so easy to work with, his willingness to be part of a team and learn from any experience you have to offer really sets him apart. I will never think twice about asking for his help or handing over the reins again in the future. I wish him lots of luck for his future and have every faith he will achieve any goal that he sets for himself and so much more.”

Samantha Alberto

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